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Syracuse NCAA Hearing: Orange Basketball, Football To Addresses Infractions

The NCAA has the dirt it gets to share. Syracuse University gets a chance to explain and clean up its mess the next two days during a NCAA hearing into the men's basketball and football programs.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange athletic department will address and get a chance to explain infractions the NCAA found during its over two-year investigation, mainly, focused on the basketball program on Thursday and Friday.

The hearing will feature SU athletic director Daryl Gross, men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim, assistant men's basketball coach Mike Hopkins and new chancellor Kent Syverud. All will hear the case the NCAA has compiled during its perusing around Syracuse, and all will be able to respond to the accusations.

Interestingly, thanks to the way things work nowadays, Syracuse fans will get a chance to find out exactly what the NCAA found (or, at least, we should).

On Wednesday, at the ACC Media day, Boeheim said this is basically the only good that will come out of the hearings (via

"I think the good thing today and again, I'm talking in generalities, but 20 years ago, you went through a case and it was over,'' Boeheim said. "You didn't even know. Now, in today's world, everybody will know every single thing that's happened and every interpretation of what's happened. And people will judge for themselves.''

It's still unclear if SU will learn about the penalties it will face by the end of all of this. According's Chris Carlson there's still so many possibilities that could come out of this.

It depends on which allegations the Committee on Infractions believes have occurred. A period of probation seems almost assured. If charges of academic fraud are proven, Syracuse likely will lose scholarships. If ineligible players were used, wins and records could be vacated.

To keep up with the NCAA hearings, check back to TNIAAM as we will be updating this story as it progresses throughout the next few days.