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Louisville 28 - Syracuse 6: Wut?


Brett Carlsen

What kind of a night was it for the Syracuse Orange in their 26-6 loss to the Louisville Cardinals?

It was this kind of night...

And this kind of night...

A depressing reality set up rather early on that this Syracuse offense is broken and will not be fixed anytime soon. Not so long as George McDonald refuses to "change for the sake of change." Not so long as Shafer keeps saying we just have to "out-tough'm" and we'll win.

Platittudes aren't good enough anymore. Not with Florida State on deck. Not with Clemson on the horizon. Not with the rest of the ACC schedule staring us down and the distinct possibility that this Syracuse team won't be bowling this year.

So much that we don't want to dive into but we have to...

  • The ongoing inability of this team to do anything productive in the redzone.
  • Calling a shotgun sweep with your slowest running back six yards deep in the endzone against the No. 1 rushing defense in the nation.
  • Terrel Hunt's lack of knowledge that the team was out of timeouts right before the half as well as the entire team & coaching staff's lack of awareness and time management.
  • The inability of this team to turn any kind of turnover into something positive.
  • If it's not the offensive game plan that's the problem, it's overthrows and dropped gimmes.
  • Tackling. OH MY GOD...THE TACKLING.
  • Giving up two safeties. You have to TRY to do something like that.
  • The fact that we're five games into the season and our punter has as many touchdown passes as our starting quarterback.

And that's just what I could think of right in this moment.

I tweeted something at the end of the game, that, to be honest, I felt really bad about. I went back and forth about saying it, but, I realized that it was the truth. It was exactly how I felt about the state of the team.

Not good. Not very good. But don't take my word for it...