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Chancellor Syverud, Jim Boeheim Invited to NCAA Hearing on October 30-31

We know now that the NCAA hearing to discuss findings in their investigation of Syracuse Orange Athletics will take place on October 30 and 31. We also know who has been invited to attend, according to

The NCAA has invited Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim and at least three former members of SU's support staff for athletes' academics to a hearing next week that could result in penalties against the school, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The NCAA in early May sent notices of allegations to Boeheim, Chancellor Kent Syverud and at least three ex-SU employees, inviting them to next week's meeting, according to the source. Each of the former employees had responsibilities related to mentoring or tutoring athletes or overseeing those jobs, sources said.

The NCAA cannot compel former employees to attend the meeting. One of them is Stan Kissel, whom you might remember as the academic advisor during the period in which SU basketball continually seemed to have issues with their academics. The other two were a former mentor and student-athlete tutor. All three of the former employees worked with Fab Melo, so, there you go.

No mention of SU football in this update and no mention of a football-specific attendee.