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ESPN: Syracuse Football Violations Allegedly Occurred Around 2004-2005

Brett McMurphy's story on the alleged Syracuse Orange basketball and football NCAA violations is up and the details are starting to become clearer.

First up, in terms of SU basketball, his source confirms that Boeheim's program is where most of the violations reside...

The majority of the allegations -- and the most serious -- involve the men's basketball program. Among the allegations facing the men's basketball team are receiving extra benefits and academic issues, a source said. Those allegations go back about 10 years and are as current as the 2013 season, a source said.

"There were things going on consistently (with the men's basketball program) for a long time," a source said.

We already know about potential violations that go back as far as 2007 so it'll be curious to see what could back further. At least this implies that the 2003 National Title team is not part of the discussion.

As for issues that are as current as last year's squad, that could include minor infractions such as Jerami Grant's eligibility issue or it could be something worse. Speculation is fun!

As for the football team, we get a much clearer window from the source as far as what and when we're talking about...

The football team is also facing allegations involving extra benefits, but only for a two-or-three-year stretch around 2004 or 2005, a source said. From 1991-2004, Paul Pasqualoni was Syracuse's football coach, followed by Greg Robinson from 2005-08. Pasqualoni is now a defensive line coach with the Chicago Bears, while Robinson is defensive coordinator at San Jose State.

McMurphy notes that none of the allegations happened on Doug Marrone's watch. So, that's something.

God, the idea that Greg Robinson committed NCAA violations is just, well, laughable. But we'll have to wait and see what unfolds. I'm sure we'll learn more disturbing insight by tomorrow morning...