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Filed under: NCAA Investigation Will Not Impact SU Football


Just as we learn that sources have told that the Syracuse Orange football team is involved in the NCAA investigation into Syracuse Athletics, went and got some sources of their own that scythe program is in fact "in the clear."

It's a Source-Off, folks. *Billy Zane voice*

Multiple sources have confirmed that the aforementioned hearing will be primarily focused on the basketball program and the football program will not be impacted.

I feel...better? SU is still in the NCAA's crosshairs either way, just a matter of how far-reaching.

Doug Marrone told that he was unaware of anything that the school hadn't already dealt with and Greg Robinson, well, Greg Robinson didn't respond but I'm giddy with the thought that Greggers might have tried to game the system and still ended with...that.

SU won't talk, we know that, so we'll probably just have to wait until someone makes a move in the Source-Off.