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New York State is Ours and We've Got the Shirt to Prove It

A lot of folks try to say New York is theirs. It's not. It's ours.

New York's College Team.

It's not just a slogan on top of a cab at this point, it's a mantra. The DOC decreed it. Rutgers fans denied it. St. John's fans tried to say otherwise. Buffalo even changed their name to fight it. But The New York Times confirmed it.

And now you can wear it.

ours shirt

It's a bit obnoxious. It's a bit garish. But it looks really good. Just like Syracuse fans.

And if you want an option that'll keep you a little warmer, there's a hoodie version too.

hoodie ours

Next time someone tries to tell you New York belongs to them, just show them your shirt. It's weird that they didn't see your shirt already, but, they're not from New York, so they're probably dumb.

And don't forget to check out the whole TNIAAM Shirt Shoppe here.