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Stay Absolutely, Magically Warm Inside Your TNIAAM Hoodie

Looking for a TNIAAM shirt to keep you warm in those Syracuse winter nights?

Gameday Depot

"Hey Sean, TNIAAM t-shirts are great and all, but, we root for Syracuse, you know? T-shirts don't do anything for me in January. Or March for that matter..."

Good point, Imaginary Syracuse Orange Fan I Just Made Up. I've heard your imaginary concerns and I'm here to help. Introducing The Nunes Magician Logo Hoodie. And unlike our football uniforms, this one comes in orange...


Sizes range from S (Jonny Flynn) to 3XL (Arthur Jones) and you can get it in orange or blue (platinum TBD).

More info on the shirts can be found here. If you're just looking for the t-shirt version of the TNIAAM Logo Shirt, that's right here. If you want to shop the entire TNIAAM Shirt Shoppe, you can do that here.