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Share Your Best Game Day Look, Win Some Free Syracuse-Branded Dockers

Hey, you guys like free stuff, right?

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So back in March, some might recall that I grabbed myself a pair of Dockers' new "Game Day Khakis." Don't recall? I'll refresh your memory for you:

See? It happened (except for the live account of wearing them part).

Some of you have probably grabbed your own pairs in the months since then, but fret not -- because we have something special for one of you lucky readers.


So how does this work? Basically, in the comments below, share a photo of yourself decked out for game day (Orange fans only) in your best gear. From that group, Sean and I will pick the top four or five and then put up a poll on Saturday to determine who gets themselves their own free pair. From there, everyone casts a vote, and then we decide a winner on Sunday. Sound good? Good!

In case you're skeptical of how these orange pants actually pan out in practice, there's also this useful slideshow for you to prove that they work with anything. Like your Syracuse jersey and hat. Or your Syracuse shirt and hat. Or your OTHER Syracuse shirt and hat, etc.


That's it. Simple. And as you'll notice on Dockers' site, there's also a handy male-to-female pants size converter, so for the women in the comments section, we've got you covered.

Now get to sharing some photos, everyone! Entry cut-off is midnight (ET) following Friday night's game.