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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Estime, Broyld & Moore Out, Raymon & Avant In

The injury report is in and it looks...loaded.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If the Syracuse Orange could field a 6-on-6 team of guys who won't be available to play against the Louisville Cardinals on Friday, it'd probably be able to hold its own.

The official injury report is out and the following SU players are out: WR Ashton Broyld (lower body), RT Ivan Foy (lower body), RB Devante McFarlane (lower body), TE Kendall Moore (upper body), CB Wayne Morgan (lower body), S Rodney Williams (lower body).

And that was before Scott Shafer went on his radio show and confirmed that WR Brisly Estime would be out as well.


Jarrod West is Terrel Hunt's No. 1 target but Estime and Broyld are No. 2 and No. 4 on that list. Estime and Moore are also the only Orange receivers to catch touchdowns so far this season. That leaves West, Ben Lewis, Steve Ishmael and the rest of the corps to pick up the slack, not to mention the RB corps.

Speaking of, WR Sean Avant is not on the injury report for the first time this season and may find himself in immediate need.

Defensively, Morgan's and Williams' absence just keep a depleted secondary depleted and means we're going to gave to lean on guys like Durell Eskridge and Cameron Lynch to make big plays that much more.

Also, here's the crazy thing...GOOD GOD...THAT'S...THAT'S...THAT'S JOHN RAYMON'S MUSIC!!!

Raymon suffered a severe right knee injury in the first half of Syracuse's 56-0 loss to Georgia Tech on Oct. 20, 2014 last season and was initially expected to miss a full year.

No word on whether or not the big hoss will play but he's available. That's pretty crazy considering he was a "longshot" to play at all this year. Good to see you, Big John.