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Believe It or Not, Syracuse Football Attendance on the Rise

SU home attendance is up 17% so far this season. That bucks the national trend.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Through five weeks, announced attendance in FBS games are down 1% from 2013 and nearly 7% from three years ago. That's according to CBS Sport's Jon Solomon, who notes that the average crowd for a FBS game is 44,997.

Syracuse's average 2014 home attendance so far is 40,850, which is obviously less than that, but, is actually up 1% overall from last season. Way up. At this point last season, we were averaging 34,713 per game.

NOW, it should be noted that SU had hosted Wagner and Tulane last season and came into the home stint with an 0-2 record, so the situation was much different. Expectations were rock bottom. But, it can't be overstated that 17% increase from last year to this year is great to see.

At least, when you forget that this is "announced" attendance and not actual. But, whatever.

Other programs in the same boat at SU? Maryland, Texas A&M and UCLA. SU comes in 4th in the nation in attendance gains. Nice company to be in.

Even coming off of two-straightl losses, you have to figure the Dome will be crowded on Friday, pushing that number up even higher. Throw in the Florida State home game and you've got the making of a solid attendance season ahead. Of course, I know what would help ensure that those numbers go even higher...

Winning football games. But, beggars can't be choosers...