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Syracuse vs. Wake Forest: Revised Depth Chart & Injury Update

An updated depth chart affected by injuries to Austin Wilson, Ivan Foy and others...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer held his Thursday presser before the Syracuse Orange got set to play the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Here's what we learned...

On the injury front, here's what we're looking at...

QB Terrel Hunt
OL Ivan Foy
WR Ashton Broyld
WR Brisly Estime
QB Austin Wilson
TE Kendall Moore
DB Wayne Morgan

WR Ben Lewis
OL John Miller
DL Eric Crume

That's at least four starters, though it's not something Syracuse isn't used to dealing with at this point.

That also means that the depth chart needed some shifting around. Here's the revised version (via Stephen Bailey)

depth chart

As you might have noticed, Mitch Kimble is now the No. 2 QB on the depth chart. It's cool, though, you guys. He's a long-jumper.

"I've always been a big fan of Mitch Kimble. He's a bright young man, he's got good feet, he can run, he's fast, he was a great long jumper in high school. His arm's good, so I'm interested to see how he continues to develop."

Without Terrel Hunt and Austin Wilson, one starts to wonder what will happen if both Long and Kimble get hurt. Who's No. 3 on the depth chart?

Quipped Shafer, with a chuckle: "Hopefully we never get to it and I wouldn't want to say what we're doing exactly going into it, so at least there can be an element of surprise. We've done some things. We've been creative."

a.k.a. Riley Dixon, y'all.

Speaking of Hunt, we've noted in the past that our would-be starter doesn't always seem to have his head in the right place and it he's still working out how to deal with being on the sidelines (or booth, as it were) during his injury...

"I think Terrel is in that frustration mode right now...We're trying to keep lifting him."

Put on some Josh Groban or something, Shafe. That should do it.