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Syracuse Football: A.J. Long Officially Named Starting Quarterback vs. Wake Forest

We sort of hinted at this yesterday, but now it's official...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we said that A.J. Long was taking the majority of first-team snaps this week, and it was "likely" he was going to be named the starting quarterback for Syracuse against Wake Forest this Saturday. Well, after this morning's ACC Coaches Teleconference, now we know it's official. Less than two weeks after the idea of the freshman burning his redshirt was floated, A.J. Long is now the Orange's starting quarterback.

Now, obviously there were external factors that brought us to this series of events: Terrel Hunt's injury vs. Florida State, Tim Lester's promotion to offensive coordinator and Austin Wilson's lack of practicing this week due to his own injury. But you still have to marvel at how quickly all of this has come together for Long. He's also a bit of a prophet, if you recall his proclamations back in January.

Hope you enjoyed what you saw from Long on Saturday, Syracuse fans (I know I certainly did), because you'll be seeing a lot more of it. Our quarterback gaining 187 total yards while throwing two gorgeous touchdown passes (in less than a full game) sounds like a pretty solid foundation to build upon against the Demon Deacons this Saturday.