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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Four - Nil

Syracuse took down old "friends" UConn last night in a 4-0 rout.

Perea v Fordham 2013
Perea v Fordham 2013
Steve Haller

The Syracuse Orange didn't open the scoring until the second half, but once the flood gates opened, UConn couldn't stop the barrage. Instead the Orange put four past the Connecticut Huskies keeper, Scott Levine in the second half to move to 12-1-0 on the year.

In a game Syracuse controlled pretty well from the opening kick, they weren't able to get on the board through the first half, though pressured quite solidly. Once the second half opened, Chris Nanco added a quick one to his account on a chip of the keeper, five minutes into the half.

Jordan Murrell served another set piece into Tyler Hilliard almost immediately after to add to their points totals again. This is becoming a recurring theme. Three goals off this combination in the last two matches. It was almost a fourth from the combo a few minutes later, but saved by Levine and the rebound was slotted home by Skylar Thomas for a 3-0 lead. Noah Rhyhart finished off the scoring for the Orange in the 82nd, his first of the year.

Overall this team seems quite in control of their own fate and fully capable of playing with anyone. If they can control a game like this consistently, with the solidity of their back line, the Orange could finish off an already memorable season in style.

They travel to Louisville this Saturday for an ACC matchup. It's a 7pm start and I'll keep you all updated if I can come up with some sort of video feed.