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What the P-S Won't Tell You About Wake Forest

The time for moral victories is over...

Have you ever seen a war film featuring the British military? If you have seen even one of them, you are 100% capable of writing the script for each and every other one that has been produced since 1950. The honorable but hopelessly outnumbered Brits are faced with an insurmountable task usually involving a) escaping a POW camp, b) battling an opponent that has 10x their numbers, or c) playing a soccer match with Sylvester Stallone in goal. Each time, the protagonists are faced with a simple choice: 1) surrender, or 2) accept their fate, stiffen the upper lip, and fight to the bitter end! Each time, the Brits choose the latter and suffer an incredibly moving moral victory while they are wiped out completely (unless Stallone is in goal, of course).

Fast forward to last weekend inside The Dome. Facing a far more powerful fighting force in the Florida State Seminoles, Head Coach Scott Shafer took the path of great real and fictitious British leaders of the past and chose to fight to the bitter end as well. And while comprehensively defeated, Syracuse did earn a moral victory that may have salvaged not only their season, but managed to spark optimism in a fan base perilously close to the edge. Against FSU, Syracuse showed that they CAN move the football down the field in chunks, they CAN run the ball effectively in between the tackles, and they CAN compete (at least in stretches) with the elite teams of college football.

Three weeks of bad football were finally replaced with the #hardnosed team we expected when the season began. And while the path to bowl eligibility remains very difficult for The Orange, there is renewed hope that we have a chance of getting there, starting with the most winnable game of the ACC schedule.

HCSMFS (unlike the British) hates moral victories, but sometimes it’s exactly what is needed for the long term health of the program. Syracuse preserved the faith of the Fanbase for one more week while giving themselves an indication that they ARE good enough to win in the ACC. With that said, the time for moral victories is over…the time for actual victories has come.

In this week’s preview, we prepare for the carnage that should ensue when the moveable object meets the resistible force, we applaud the attractiveness of Wake Forest’s football team student body, and we take the ball inside the 20, and spin the "Red Zone Wheel of Terror"!

Enjoy, and Go Orange!