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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Madness Student Section Details

More Orange Madness info!

Streeter Lecka

Three days! That's how close we are to Orange Madness, the official start to the 2014-15 Syracuse basketball season. In the last two days, and Otto's Army -- SU's student section -- released some student-specific details about the event.

So listen up, Syracuse students! If you attend Orange Madness on Friday (which you can do for free), you'll be able to:

  • GET FREE STUFF! Including: nachos, Pepsi, Orange Madness t-shirts (while they last), and (if you're one of four students chosen) textbooks from the bookstore
  • Possibly win $10,000, if you're chosen to attempt (and then make) a half-court shot
  • Enter the Dunk Contest. Winner gets an iPad Mini!
  • Shoot around with the men's team (again, if you're chosen) and win another iPad Mini
  • Get cool stuff, like posters, SU basketball lanyards, and light up wands (yes, light up wands!)
  • See the Pride of the Orange -- New York's College Band -- perform live
  • Watch not only men's and women's team scrimmages, but also a special Syracuse "Legends" scrimmage, which will feature Derrick Coleman, Jim Lee, Lawrence Moten, John Wallace, Pearl Washington, and others
Doors open at 7 p.m. The Madness gets underway at 8 p.m. And again, entrance is free of charge for students. Just bring your SUID.