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Syracuse Football: A.J. Long Taking First-Team Snaps, Likely Starter vs. Wake Forest

You probably figured this was coming, but now we have at least some confirmation...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer provided some updates for the media today, the biggest of which relates back to the all-important quarterback situation. As you'll recall, Austin Wilson got the start there last week, however, it was A.J. Long who seemed to get the majority of the snaps by game's-end (partially because of a head injury to Wilson in the second half). Shafer expanded upon the status of both players to the media today:


So, yeah: A whole lot on A.J. Long, which you should start getting used to. The dynamic freshman solidified himself into Syracuse's future plans on Saturday after an exciting performance -- even if those future plans don't start firmly taking hold until next season. We'd also figured Wilson was in tough shape after that hard blow to the head on Saturday, so this reconfirms that while adding him to a growing list of injuries for this Orange team.

The guys from will be providing some additional updates post-practice today. If we're looking to hear more on Long's progression with the first-team offense, that's our next opportunity. One would think some emphasis will be put on his rapport with Steve Ishmael (already pretty great), while the reworked offensive line makes adjustments to protect for a quicker dual-threat QB.

Looking forward to more updates as the week progresses. Even if the "A.J. Long era" hasn't begun in earnest just yet, I'm sure we're all at least a little excited about what a full game's-worth of Long could yield.