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Syracuse vs. Clemson: Orange Matchup With Tigers Set for 7 p.m. ET on ESPNU

Well, count me among the surprised here...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Once Syracuse fell to 2-3 in embarrassing fashion, AND lost their starting quarterback to injury, you probably figured all Orange football games were headed for noon ET starts (I know I certainly did). Well, seems like that's not the case, as the ACC announced a 7 p.m. ET start for SU's October 25 game at Clemson... on ESPNU (?!).

Whether it's the fact that Clemson's a ranked team, Death Valley is AT LEAST as loud as the Carrier Dome or maybe ESPN saw something in Syracuse's spirited effort against Florida State last week, apparently the Orange are still worthy enough to get a national TV spot. In primetime, no less. Again, consider me shocked.

So for those who thought they'd be getting an early game and then would be on with the rest of their Saturday (my wife is "thrilled" about this development), no such luck. But if we can pick up a win against Wake Forest and look improved week-over-week, who knows what could happen on Saturday night with SU looking to get back to .500. That's not predicting an upset by any means. More just spelling out what could be on the line for the Orange, and potentially contribute to a more exciting game than expected.

One game at a time, though. Wake Forest this week, and THEN let's focus on the Tigers. And be pleased for yet another chance to showcase the football program on national television.