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Fun(?) With Syracuse Football Statistics - Week 7

Let's see where the Orange stand statistically after Week 7.

Brett Carlsen

The Syracuse Orange suffered their fourth straight loss on Saturday, this time falling to the Florida State Seminoles. As we enter Week 8, here's where the Orange now rank in every major statistical category among all FBS teams.

(If at any point you'd like to compare where Syracuse ranks this week to where they ranked a week ago, go here.)

Special Teams

Net Punting: 34.5 Yard AVG (107th)

Kickoff Returns: 18.2 Yard AVG (113th)

Punt Returns: 8.7 Yard AVG (58th)

Kick Return Defense: 18.1 Yard AVG (23rd)

Punt Return Defense: 13.4 Yard AVG (111th)

Third Down

3rd Down Conversion PCT: .364 (98th)

3rd Down Conversion PCT Defense: .470 (109th)


Penalties Per Game: 8.0 (105th)

Total Penalties: 48 (101st)

Penalty Yards Per Game: 64.8 (92nd)

Total Penalty Yards: 389 (88th)


Passing Offense: 221.5 YPG (78th)

Rushing Offense: 190.8 YPG (42nd)

Total Offense: 412.3 YPG (67th)

Red Zone Offense: 23 Attempts, 9 TDs, 9 FGs, .783 PCT (92nd)

Scoring Offense: 21.3 PPG (105th)


Pass Defense: 252.5 YPG (86th)

Rush Defense: 136.2 YPG (46th)

Total Defense: 388.7 YPG (63rd)

Red Zone Defense: 22 Attempts, 12 TDs, 6 FGs, .818 PCT (58th)

Scoring Defense: 26.7 PPG (71st)


Turnovers Gained: 11 (T-45th)

Turnovers Lost: 8 (T-31st)

Turnover Margin: +3 (T-30th)