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Football Recruiting Tweetcap: A Successful Weekend for the Orange

Not only did the Orange bring some optimism to the fan base this weekend, but scored well in the eyes of some big recruits...

Brett Carlsen

This weekend went a long way in rekindling the fickle Syracuse fan-base's optimism. The team played Florida State extremely tough, and it was much closer than the 38-20 final score indicated. While it wasn't the recruiting event I expected it could have been, it was very successful for the prospects that we had as visitors on the hill this weekend.

Our visitors included 2015 LB commit Shyheim Cullen from MA, 2016 DT Bo Peek from Fl, and a quartet of top prospects from NC in Robert Washington, Moe Neal, and Will Eason (2016), as well as 2017 prospect Aapri Washington. Noah Jordan Williams, a 2017 prospect from CBA in Syracuse, stopped by the campus as well.

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2015 Prospects

Shy Cullen, LB, Lowell HS - This was Shy's second trip up to the Syracuse campus, but unfortunately it was his first on crutches as he injured his foot in his Friday game against Central Catholic.

Cullen had a great time at the game according to his father (sourced from

Had an awesome time at the game. Went out on to the field pre and post game saw the coaches and watched warm ups from the sidelines. Sat with bo peek and his dad and his team mate peyson. Great people. Got to talk with them a lot. Sat in the second row at the 50 great seats. Team looked good except the red zone issues but that kid aj stepped right up. Shy is excited to come play here and we can't wait to come watch. Didn't really have time to meet players ... Maybe next time... Did get to meet the basket ball players on their officals.

Shy's dad is a great guy and the best source on his son (obviously) and posts fairly regularly over on syracusefan.

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2016 Prospects

Bo Peek, DT, Berkeley Prep - Bo has been high on Syracuse since we offered and has a great relationship with our staff. Not much from his visit outside of this.

Bo added offers in the last week from Stanford, Rutgers, and Wake but the only one of those that could force its way into the recruitment is Stanford. I like where we stand with him.

Robert Washington, RB, Southlake Christian - Washington is Syracuse's best chance at a legitimate blue chip prospect in a long time, and this was his first visit to the hill. For those of you that want to unretire 44, this is the kid you'd do it for, as he respects our history as well (however i think he'd prefer to wear 5). He visited with his friends and teammates who are also stud athletes and it would be amazing to get them to tag along with him if he came to SU. We'll be in this one to the end thanks to Eric White.

He also took some time to meet with his position coach, DeAndre Smith.

This was definitely a big win for the Orange to get Robert on campus and hopefully we see him in Orange in 2016.

Moe Neal, ATH, Gastonia HS - Moe came out with the North Carolina contingent, and is one of Robert Washington's friends. He has a decent offer list so far that will probably grow in coming months.

Will Eason, CB, Southlake Christian HS - Eason is a teammate of Washington and only has an Akron offer so far. He's another kid that SU will take a hard look at moving forward, as he appeared to enjoy his visit.

2017 Prospects

Aapri Washington, CB, Southlake Christian - Aapri is the cousin of Washington, and is another stud recruit that we were lucky enough to have visit. He already has a ton of BCS offers and will probably be another legitimate blue chip prospect. If we landed Robert I think we'd also have a legitimate chance with Aapri. We'll see how this plays out but he looked to enjoy himself as well.

Noah Jordan Williams, ATH, Syracuse Christian Brothers Academy - I couldn't find anything about NJW's visit, however, Syracuse is currently his only offer. He's a quick athlete and is definitely interested due to his close proximity. Keep an eye on him moving forward.

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All in all, it was a very successful weekend as this staff does very well when we get recruits on campus. And if they decide not to come to Syracuse, AJ Long had a warning for them...