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Final Score: Florida State Seminioles 38, Syracuse Orange 20

Syracuse seemed to grow up a whole lot in this game, but still couldn't do enough to upset the nation's top team...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse (2-4) (0-2) did not manage to upset the no. 1-ranked Florida State Seminoles (6-0) (4-0), but the Orange managed to put on a good show throughout, continuing to fight through injuries and some costly mistakes. The Tim Lester era at offensive coordinator also started off on the right foot, as Syracuse put up 20 points and totaled 412 yards against FSU.

On the bright side for Syracuse, A.J. Long (187 total yards, two passing TDs) appears to be a very viable answer at quarterback and while there's no confirmation he's wrestled the job away from Austin Wilson for the time being, it's certainly within the realm of possibility. Steve Ishmael also firmly established himself as the star we'd hoped he'd be, catching two fantastic scores that made Orange fans' mouths water. The run game was also thankfully re-established, with 156 yards mostly attributed to Prince-Tyson Gulley and Ervin Phillips.

Negatively, however, SU couldn't capitalize on four trips in the red zone during the first half (just two field goals), nor could they really use two forced turnovers to their advantage. The Orange also had at least five drops, plus two dropped interceptions as well -- a fact that both encourages fans (they were awfully close to making this a better game) and depresses them (this really could've been a better game) all at once.

Full recap coming, but for now, let's talk out what can only be described as a moral victory for Syracuse today, even if they still drop to 2-4.