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Syracuse Football: Want to Rattle Austin Wilson? Talk to Him About Chewing Tobacco Economics

Austin Wilson will not let FSU's defense get to him. Unless they bring up the cost of a can of Copenhagen.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, Austin Wilson will likely get the first start of his college football career when the Syracuse Orange take on the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles. With starter Terrel Hunt out of the game, it's up to Wilson, A.J. Long and possibly Mitch Kimble to take on the Herculean task of competing with FSU.

If you think that's the kind of thing that's going to rattle Wilson, think again.

"I'm not worried about anything that gets thrown at him," wide receiver Ben Lewis said. "I'm confident he can handle it."

"He's a cool guy," left tackle Sean Hickey said. "He doesn't get overly-hyped or too distraught in any situation. He's pretty level which is what you want, especially at quarterback. No matter the situation you want steady. That gives you a sense of comfort."

"He's got a calm demeanor but he's got a fire too," Borrell said. "I follow him. He's not as flamboyant at A.J. Long is, but he doesn't lack that fire. He's not going to be intimidated. He might not be stellar or beat Florida State on Saturday, but he's going to give you his best performance."

Though, it should be noted there is a way for the Seminole defense to get inside Austin's head. They could bring up the current state of chewing tobacco and its ever-evolving role in the U.S. and Canadian economy.

The only times Wilson has been visibly bothered, Lewis said, were by the prices of chewing tobacco on a summer trip to Ottawa and the highest peak during a cliff-jumping excursion to Ithaca.

If you happen to hear a FSU linebacker screaming "Hey Austin, you see a can of Skoal Fine Cut Straight'll run you $10nowadays?," we might be in big trouble. If not, well, we're still gonna be in trouble, but not because Wilson is rattled.