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Tech-Savvy Jim Boeheim Sees a 'Different' Syracuse Basketball Team This Year

Jim Boeheim spoke to Andy Katz about the upcoming season.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim is not on Twitter. He will probably never be on Twitter. And if he ever does join Twitter, someone else is assuredly going to run that for him.

But that doesn't mean Jim Boeheim is tech-adverse. Oh no. Jim Boeheim is tech savvy. Very savvy indeed.

Boeheim has signed with Next Galaxy Corp. to collaborate on a virtual reality experience designed to appeal to fans and Orange basketball recruits, said Barrett D. Ehrlich, a consultant for the company.

"He's spoken to management and he's looking for a tool for recruitment," Ehrlich said today during a telephone conversation. "He's looking for more fan engagement. He would be able to create content and fans will be able to view it."

The video experience will only be good for people with Google Glass or Oculus Rift, which begs a question. He's looking for more fan engagement? How many Syracuse fans have either of those things? Like, 47?

On to pressing matters, Boeheim also stopped by Andy Katz's podcast to talk about the upcoming Syracuse Orange basketball season. When asked to describe this year's squad, Jim talked about them the same way you talk about a sexual partner who asks you to compare them to a previous, better sexual partner. He called them "different."


Parsing the clues, Boeheim does name-check Tyler Roberson ("We think he's a very good player") and had some pretty high praise for Michael Gbinije.

"I think he just showed a little of what he could do last year. This year, I think he can be a big contributor."

Boeheim was also asked about the guy he'll be asked about 5,000 more times between now and whenever he returns...DaJuan Coleman. He reiterated that they hope to get him running (not practicing...running) in November, adding "If he's healthy, if it all holds up, he'll be able to help us this year."

I'm still giving 2-1 odds to medical redshirt.

Finally, what of freshman point guard Kaleb Joseph? Can he replace Tyler Ennis? Can he be good right away?

"He's definitely got leadership qualities. He's physically a strong player with good speed. He's a better than adequate shooter. And I think his judgment is good. I think he has to learn a little bit about college basketball and the position and how you play point guard. We think Kaleb has the potential to be a really good point guard, even as a freshman."