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Syracuse Orange Football Awards Voting: Favorite ACC Fan Base

With this SOFA, we try and recognize our favorite ACC Fan Base we came in contact with this season.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Syracuse Orange Football Awards (SOFAs)! Today's award won't be discussing our beloved Orange, but rather our less-beloved opponents -- the nice ones, though. We want to know:

Which was your favorite ACC fan base this season?

You might remember when I first started writing for this here blog, it was with the mindset of previewing our (then future-) conference-mates and also poking a little fun at them as well. Between that and a general feeling the basketball team was going to plow through the ACC, us Syracuse folk didn't win a whole lot of fans early on. But that seemed to shift at least a little as football season wore on and the other fan bases got to know us (and especially the great TNIAAM community) a bit better.

We got to know all of them a lot better, too. Some we were glad to meet. Others, not so much (we'll get there, don't worry). Of those who we were happy to meet (or re-meet) though, who was this community's favorite?

Florida State gained a lot of points from this neck of the woods after Jimbo Fisher visited with Julian Whigham in the hospital down in Tallahassee, and their fans were about as cordial as you could be considering the hurt they'd predictably put on us.

Georgia Tech folks were pretty kind before the game, which (again) was much appreciated.


We got reacquainted with Boston College more than anyone else in the lead-up to our ACC membership and probably chatted with them more consistently than any one else as well. That'll happen when you were and are rivals (ACCEPT IT, DOC GROSS!), and when you start off your tenure in a new league with a snarky list of jabs at an opposing school. Still, the guys at BC Interruption are always fun to chat with and we do like them, despite hating each other on the field of play. We have a trophy! We do podcasts together! We don't have these things with Miami, Daryl.

You've got until the end of Friday, January 10 to cast your vote, with the winner announced on Monday. Gotten this far and still confused about the SOFAs? Read this.