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Syracuse Lacrosse: So, Are We Gonna Win Some Face-Offs This Year Or What?

Are we, John? Coach?

Drew Hallowell

Syracuse Lacrosse Media Day was the other day and, well, we kinda missed it. Let's face it though, you really only care about two things...

1. Who's wearing #22?

2. Surely, after multiple seasons in which it has been our Achilles' heel, we've figured out how we're going to win all the face-offs, right?

The answers are, this kid, and….not really, no.

"We still have some evaluating to do, quite frankly," Desko said. "I wish that was a little more closed, but that's an open position."

John. John? Buddy? Listen, face-offs were basically the reason we lost the National Championship game. You've known for months what a big deal this is. You went out of your way to get a specialist in the off-season. This is the time when you say, "We've got this face-off stuff worked out. All good, y'all."

Not…that. Tell me something encouraging. Anything…please...

"We’ve worked as hard on faceoffs as we ever have," Desko said. "We may have worked more than we have in the last three years put together as far as looking at technique, film, repetitions and working on things."

Better. Okay. Keep doing that. Keep doing all of that...