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Syracuse Football: John Kinder Tweets He Will Transfer To Stony Brook

The backup quarterback-turned-wideout will try to get some playing time elsewhere.


John Kinder came to Syracuse to be our quarterback. That didn't happen and with time ticking on his college eligibility, the Long Island kid will head back home. Kinder tweeted Wednesday night that he will transfer to Stony Brook to finish his college career.


After Kinder fell behind in the QB hunt this off-season, he switched positions to wide receiver. With a loaded depth chart and a lack of experience, his chances for PT were probably slim.

Can't blame a guy for wanting a chance to play and looking for that opportunity where it exists. Since he's going to a FCS school, he'll be able to play immediately.

Kinder was rated three stars by both Rivals and Scout and chose SU over UConn, Rutgers and Temple. He joins defensive end Josh Manley (Charlotte) and linebacker James Washington (TBD) as SU transfers.

Fare thee well, John Kinder. We wish you well at Stony Brook and beyond...