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Syracuse vs. North Carolina: The Hottest Ticket In Town (This Week, At Least)

Demand for SU vs. UNC tickets is through the roof, as you probably guessed.

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As you are undoubtedly aware, the North Carolina Tar Heels are coming to town this weekend. It's kinda a big deal. We've spent so much time talking about the upcoming game against the Duke Blue Devils that we haven't really stopped to ponder what the ticket sales are going to be like for this one.

Well, according to SeatGeek, who sent along the following stats, it's pretty big.

  • At an average ticket price of $135, Saturday's Syracuse-UNC game is the most in-demand home game for the Orange since at least 2009 when we began monitoring the secondary ticket market.
  • Demand is 10% higher for the UNC game than for Syracuse's final home game against Georgetown as a member of the Big East. That matchup last February drew an average ticket price of $122.
  • Ticket prices vary widely for Saturday's game depending on where you're looking to sit. A decent seat in the lower or middle level of the Carrier Dome will cost you upwards of $150, but there are options in the corners of the upper level starting as low as $19 per ticket. If you're looking to sit along the sideline in the lower level, be prepared to shell out more than $200 for a seat; the least expensive tickets available there are currently listed at $213 each, and we've seen some fans spend over $700 per ticket on the best seats in those sections.
  • Some tickets in the corners of the upper level are still available at the box office, but prices are actually lower on the secondary market for similar seats. All tickets in the middle and lower levels, which were originally sold for $45-$140, are sold out, however, leaving the pricier resale market as your only option for those seats.
  • While demand is high and prices are steep for this weekend's game, they're even more so for Duke's visit to the Carrier Dome on Feb. 1. Tickets for that game -- which is already sold out -- start at $62 each on the secondary market, and the average ticket price is $210.
We'll get into this game more in the coming days. Suffice it to say, if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you probably should have...