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Syracuse Orange Football Awards Voting: Worst Game

This one's not the best SOFA, but we've got to have this conversation to begin the healing process...

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Syracuse Orange Football Awards (SOFAs)! Today's award is not a happy one, but we've got to work through this. And then bury the memory in the backyard, never to be seen again. But on to our category...

Worst Game

We've got one very obvious answer, followed by several other options you could probably talk yourself into if you really wanted to. We'll list them all below, but just so you know what you're getting into:

Georgia Tech 56, Syracuse 0: Shut up. Though this was so miserable Deadspin wrote about our miserable write-up.

Penn State 23, Syracuse 17: Not fun.

Florida State 59, Syracuse 3: ...

Clemson 49, Syracuse 14: We got a nice .gif out of it.

Yup, this was a team that won seven games (including a bowl game). So it's not all bad. But maybe exercises like this will remind us that it's not all good either.

You've got until the end of Thursday, January 9 to cast your vote. Gotten this far and still confused about the SOFAs? Read this.