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Syracuse Orange Football Awards Voting: Coach of the Year

Is Scott Shafer the Syracuse football coach of the Year? You be the judge.

Jonathan Daniel
It's the fourth installment in our first-annual series, the Syracuse Orange Football Awards. (SOFAs, for short) If you haven't voted yet, well, where have you been? You can select the Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP and GIF of the Year.

Here we decide the Syracuse Coach of the Year. (And no, Jim Boeheim is not one of the options. Yeah, I'm talking to you.) Scott Shafer, George McDonald and Chuck Bullough are your choices.

Shafer seems to be the frontrunner. After all, he's done a 'doggone', hard-nosed job to bring a winning team to this frickin' town. He kept the Orange on a steady course and never got too high or too low.

As a first year offensive coordinator, George McDonald coached a rushing attack that averaged nearly 200 yards per game. Often criticized, McDonald had some lowlights for sure -- I don't need to relive them. But in the final two games of the season, the most important two of the season, the offense came through. And his call for the Josh Harris throwback play against Boston College is arguably the most important play of the season.

Chuck Bullough is your final choice. He led a defensive unit that ranked in top 30 in the country in rush defense, tackles for loss and sacks.

Now it's time to decide: should the award go to Scott Shafer, George McDonald, or Chuck Bullough? If your choice is someone other than these three, comment below. Voting ends at the end of the day on Wednesday.