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Syracuse Orange Football Awards Voting: GIF Of The Year

You might think there's a clear-cut winner to this award. But that might not actually be true...

Next up on the SOFA is GIF Of The Year. This one goes to the animated clip that sums up a brief situation better than any other involving Syracuse Orange football this season.

There are some very obvious choices available to you.

When Syracuse hosted the Clemson Tigers, head coach Dabo Swinney decided to go for a touchdown on fourth down even though Clemson was up by a sizable margin. The Orange stopped Tahj Boyd and the Tigers and gained a little momentum in the process. That momentum was distilled directly through Scott Shafer...


With the season on the line, Terrel Hunt and the Syracuse offense got it done, defeating the Boston College Eagles in the closing moments to secure a bowl invitation. No one was happier than offensive lineman Ivan Foy...


Really, are there any other options?