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Syracuse Is The 49th Most Valuable Football Team In America, Says Some Guy

The Orange jump from 66th to 49th in the nation.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I feel like these kinds of stories exist solely so college sports bloggers will write stories linking to them, but, who am I to judge? If you tell me the Syracuse Orange football program is one of the most valuable in the nation, I am going to link to you, whether you're Uncle Bert's Football Blog Spot or the Wall Street Journal.

Texas is still No. 1—financially, anyway. The Longhorns remain college football's most valuable team, according to an annual valuation of teams by Ryan Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus. (Auburn and Florida State, who play Monday for the national title, are Nos. 9 and 22.) In other words, Charlie Strong—whom Texas named as its coach Sunday—just got handed the keys to a very pricey car.

At least in terms of value, however it's determined here, the move to ACC has paid big dividends for Syracuse. Last year, we were all the way down at 66th on this list, below Rutgers, Maryland, Pitt and UCF. Now? We're ahead of all of them. According to this list, Syracuse is almost twice as valuable now ($105.7M) as it in 2012 ($53.8M).


We even jumped Boston College, you guys!

This is all, of course, speculative bullshit. The numbers don't make any sense, nor does our jump in comparison to so many other schools in our range. But hey, when the speculative bullshit flows in your direction, you lather it all over yourselves and go bake in the sun all day long.