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BCS National Championship Game Open Thread

The SEC's won seven straight BCS National Championships. Let's hope Florida State puts an end to that streak. #goacc

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For starters, Syracuse isn't playing in the BCS National Championship Game. This much you know. But Florida State is, and that means the ACC has a shot to end the SEC's seven-year title streak tonight.

Don't buy into the "root for your conference" concept? How about the "root against the SEC" concept? I can find more... regardless of your reasoning, it would really behoove all Syracuse fans to cheer for FSU tonight. If not for liking the 'Noles, then for conference pride and a chance to do that weird thing where every team in a conference claims a share of a national title won by just one of its teams. We learn from the best, SEC, so don't be surprised to see us do this tonight.

For those who want multiple options to watch the National Championship, lucky you, you've got six different options available.

If you're looking to get a better handle on the game tonight, you'll want to check out some (or all) of the links below:

So share all your thoughts about the game and hang out with your fellow Orange fans below. Go Seminoles, and #goacc!