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Syracuse Orange Football Awards Voting: Offensive MVP

Our first SOFA award will be handed out to Syracuse's Offensive MVP. So, who's it going to be?

Bob Levey

The Syracuse Orange Football Awards (SOFAs) are here for the first time! Because we couldn't get enough of the SU football team during this up-and-down season, we thought it would be "fun" to rehash everything that happened. And rather than just isolate the honors to the TNIAAM staff, we're giving our dear readers an equal stake in deciding who receives the inaugural SOFAs.

The category up for debate here is Offensive MVP. Given the struggles the Orange had on offense throughout the 2013 season, this one could either be very easy or very difficult. But that's really up for you to decide. Below, you'll find a poll of choices to vote for. Agree with one of those? Cast a vote accordingly and share some additional commentary below (it may be included when the winners are announced). Don't agree with any of the choices laid out for you? Tell us why not in the comments, and share your own selection.

We're closing up voting at the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday, January 7). So you have plenty of time to think these things over. Once all the votes are cast, we'll tally the ballots, add commentary from a host of different folks and then post the results.

For more on the SOFAs, all the categories and a full explanation of why we're doing this, go read something.

So it's time to decide: Who was Syracuse's Offensive MVP for the 2013 football season? Is it Terrel Hunt, Jerome Smith or maybe, a collective honor for the entire offensive line?