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Syracuse Daily Links - 35,446

The Duke vs Syracuse basketball game at the Carrier Dome Saturday at 6:30p.m. will set the SU record for attendance with a sold out, capacity crowd of 35,446 expected to attend.

Brett Carlsen

Syracuse University Athletics - New Record To Be Set On Saturday

The Duke vs Syracuse basketball game at the Carrier Dome Saturday at 6:30p.m. will set the SU record for attendance with a sold out, capacity crowd of 35,446 expected to attend. Lamar Dawson battles aplastic anemia

"Once I was talked to coach (Scott) Shafer, and he told me just to worry about getting better, that if they had to bring me in July they would bring me in July, or if they had to bring me in January they would bring me in January. Just giving me as much time as I need to recover. That showed me a lot about their character."

Titus’s Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings "

So, yes, Coach Boeheim, your team could definitely play better. But pretending it’s a miracle they’re still undefeated takes a level of downplaying that only a coach who has won 939 games can pull off.

Jensen resigns as head coach midway through 8th season | The Daily Orange

Jensen said he could not elaborate on the career opportunity, but said it was crucial to step down now in order to be able to accept a position before the professional season ramps up. "That window won’t open again for another year," Jensen said. "It was just for me, looking back, listening to the opportunities and saying, ‘I don’t want to get too far into the season because then it hurts everybody.’"

College basketball royalty (Jim Boeheim, Mike Kzyzewski) set to meet on the Dome floor in Duke-Syracuse matchupe floor |

"We first met a long time ago when Duke used to have a celebrity golf tournament. We met there. P.J. Carlesimo is a good friend of mine and a good friend of Mike's and when they picked coaches for the World Championship team, PJ and I, were picked. We first worked together back then. We hit it off and we've been really good friends ever since.

Jerry Colangelo calls the Boeheim-vs.-Krzyzewski matchup 'a moment in time' and 'as good as it gets' |

"I helped," he declared, "launch Jimmy's career." Pause … one … two … three. "Because when he tried out for the Bulls way back when, I cut him."

After beating Wake Forest, Syracuse can finally focus on Duke |

"It's exciting, without a doubt,'' Syracuse sophomore Trevor Cooney said. "This will be similar to the Georgetown game last year. We just have to stay focused for the next two days and make sure we're prepared.''

Mike's Mailbox: Did Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski play against each other in college? |

Boeheim played at Syracuse from 1962 to 1966. Mike Krzyzewski was at Army from 1965 to 1969. However, the two winningest coaches in NCAA Division I history never faced each other as college players.

Camping in Boeheimburg: Writer spends a long, cold night in tent with Syracuse students |

At 4:30 a.m., any normal person would be tucked into bed, a blanket wrapped around them and an alarm clock set to rouse them in a few hours. I was zipped into two sleeping bags under a tent, curled into the fetal position, my hands between my thighs to preserve my fading warmth. My hips were sore from curling up on the unforgiving ground, and I was elated to have a donated scarf wound around my head, which pushed my warm breath back into my face.

Arrested Development: With just four Syracuse players in the NBA, is playing a zone in college too difficult an adjustment to make? | The Daily Orange

"Syracuse guys are picked in the lottery year-after-year," said former Syracuse guard Jason Hart. Yet there are just four Syracuse players currently in the NBA: Carmelo Anthony, Michael Carter-Williams, Dion Waiters and Wesley Johnson.

Sykes establishes 3-point shot, adds new dimension to offensive game | The Daily Orange

"I don’t want her to rely solely on 3-point shot or the drive," Syracuse head coach Quentin Hillsman said. "She needs to have balance. As long as she’s taking good (3-pointers) in the flow of the offense, we’re OK with that."

Leo Rautins: Syracuse basketball has ‘exceeded everybody’s expectations’ | The Juice Online

Raptors and NBA TV analyst, and Syracuse legend Leo Rautins calls in to talk about SU hoops with host Wesley Cheng on The Juice on the Cuse podcast hosted by Editor in Chief Brad Bierman also calls in to chat about the Orange’s upcoming game with Duke.