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Very Important Syracuse Basketball Update: Jim Boeheim's New Suit Linings

It isn't officially a new year until we get a look at what kind of suit Jim Boeheim will be wearing.

When we noticed Jim Boeheim's suits sometimes had a custom Carrier Dome court design inside, it opened the doors to a magical world of custom-made suit designs by Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers in Rochester. The fine folks over there recently reached out to let me know they've got Jim's 2013-2014 season all set and here's a sneak peak...





Guessing the 35,102 designs will be next up, though maybe Boeheim doesn't want the mojo of that on his person since we lost that game.

If you want to lean more about Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers, check out their website and Facebook page. And if you want to find out how to get a custom-made, Syracuse-lined suit of your own, call Peter Roberti at 585-381-1111. He'll hook you up.