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Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink: Wake Forest & Duke Preview/Miami Review

John, Dan and Lisa review the Miami game, preview Wake Forest and Duke, plus talk about beer (and wine too, this week!)

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Welcome to TNIAAM's weekly podcast series, Syracuse Sports Make Me Drink. As most of you know, it's tough being a Syracuse sports fan. We're cynical, overly defensive, perpetually pining for respect and as a result, we may have a drink or two (or more). This series plays off that, celebrating the best and worst of being a Syracuse fan each week, while also chatting gratuitously about beer.

This week, John Cassillo, Dan Lyons and special guest Lisa Nelson chat about Saturday's victory over Miami, both of this week's big games and of course, beer (and -- surprise -- wine). Some other topics include:

  • Statue math
  • Surprising statistics from the Miami game
  • Duke is much improved over the past couple weeks, guys
  • UConn is like five years away from being Temple...
  • Final Four picks from the group
  • Dave Matthews makes wine, apparently
  • Beer! You can also follow John and Dan on Untappd!

Plan accordingly: This podcast is about an hour long. There's beer talk, but don't worry, we spend plenty of time chatting Syracuse basketball as well.


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