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Ranking the "Syracuse-Duke" T-Shirts You'll Find for the Game

We <3 our t-shirts as Syracuse fans. Naturally, the biggest game of the year as attracted all of the local t-shirt makers and there are tons of options as a Cuse fan. Which one should you get? Which one will ensure you accurately represent your position on Syracuse-Duke? We at TNIAAM are here to help.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Duke's visit to the Carrier Dome and thus, as only Syracuse can do, there are numerous t-shirts to celebrate the occasion. If you have been waiting until now to buy your commemorative t-shirt, good work! We at TNIAAM are going to rank all of the available shirts to make your job easy and ensure you get the look you're going for.

The Date T-Shirt



Available at: Wegmans

You want to be nice to your employees and give them this weekend off and a little treat? Is your company sponsoring kids/employees to go to the game? You really don't follow Syracuse basketball but want to be in the loop? Here's your generic t-shirt to do so with!

The Orange Date T-Shirt


Available at: Wegman's

See the previous date t-shirts, only for someone who actually understands that Syracuse is in fact, the Orange and not the platinums.

Keep Calm


Available at: SU Bookstore

You totally send out memes in texts, Facebook posts and comment threads. You have a "Keep Calm and Chive on Shirt" hidden somewhere in your drawers you bust out for parties to be "that cool guy." You want to be "different" and take a new spin on beating Duke. As of right now, you're about to hit send on another "Keep Calm" meme. Don't do it. Just buy the shirt so you can meme everyone who sees you in this shirt.

Gameday Shirt


Available at: SU Bookstore

You're superstitious. You bought the "Beat Georgetown" shirt last year and feel because you wore that shirt, you had the power to manipulate very large college basketball players into a Syracuse loss. You want to celebrate this great occasion with a t-shirt but not another "Beat Opponent" shirt to taunt the basketball gods. Or you're a slave to the ESPN institution.

Simple Beat Duke T-Shirt


Available at: Shirtworld

Now we get into the real t-shirts. Wearing any of these shows you are a true Syracuse fan so good for you. This one is simple. It gets the point across. No need for pizazz on the back, you just want people to know you want to Beat Duke. And that you wanted a cheap pair of sweatpants with your purchase.

In Your Face Beat Duke T-Shirt


Available at: Manny's

You don't settle for simple t-shirts. You worse zubaz even after zubaz was cool. You subscribe to the Coach Q school of brightly colored track suits. You insist on wearing the mismatching shirt and tie to work because damnit Marlene, I like this green shirt and I need to wear my luck SU tie today! You refuse to wear anything Syracuse that isn't bright Orange and makes other Syracuse fans feel uncomfortable with your loud clothing choices.

Ticket Beat Duke Shirt


Available at: Shirtworld

This is for the fans who buy the ticket Final Four shirt they do every year. You want to let people know that Syracuse is your team and that you may or may not have had an actual ticket to the Dome, it doesn't really matter. You buy two of these, one to wear until it presumably fades into a ragged old orange shirt and another to cut out the ticket and caress softly in the night, imagining what the Dome felt like with 36,000+ cheering on the Orange.

Classic Beat Duke T-Shirt


Available at: SU Bookstore

It's the classic look. You don't need to be bothered with special Nike jerseys, multicolor helmets, gloves that form symbols or any other cool thing Dr. Gross wants Syracuse to have. You just want the point to be made: We will Beat Duke. That's all that needs to be said.