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The Ten Most Horrifying Things About This Old Big East T-Shirt

An old t-shirt featuring the original Big East mascots made its way to me today. I feel different now.

So I got this tweet today from our old friends at UConn (remember them?)...

As you can imagine, I had thoughts. Here they are in order of how horrifying they are...

10. The Syracuse Orangeman is…just a white dude. With a flat top. And red hair. Possibly on PEDs. And almost certainly German. Is that how the world sees us?

9. The fact that everyone is either an anthropomorphized version of their mascot or a white guy. In one case, a white guy dressed up like a Native American. And in another case, a hybrid of the two.

8. So. Much. Upper. Thigh.

7. Georgetown Hoya's collar, making him look like an S&M creep, which, I suppose, they all probably are. #FiftyShadesOfHoyaGrey

6. Whatever it is Villanova Wildcat's hand is up to, especially given the look on Providence Friar's face.

5. The fact that Providence Friar is wearing what is apparently a hood-only tunic. WHY????

4. The Seton Hall Pirate, who is absolutely, 100%, no doubt in my mind registered as a sex offender and cannot leave the state of New Jersey without written consent by his parole officer as seen and signed by a court official.

3. The Boston College Eagle-Man. Why does he have the head of an Eagle but the body of a pasty New Englander? Worst. Egyptian. God. Ever.

2. The St. John's Redman. I mean, my God, St. John's. I know we were doing it too but, you know, by the time this t-shirt was made, we weren't flaunting ourselves as a Native American guy in short-shorts with feathers, warpaint and a tomahawk. Shame on everyone. Except Native Americans, I suppose.

(This is a good time to remind you we still have a professional football team called the Redskins)


And don't even get me started on this shirt...