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Syracuse Basketball: Trevor & Terry & Gerry & Tyler &…Kevin?

You know about four Cooney brothers on the Syracuse basketball team. Now get to know the fifth...

Wesley Hitt

According to various commentators, the Syracuse Orange have a lot of Cooneys.

There's Trevor Cooney. He's the one you keep expecting to make that shot.

There's Terry Cooney, the copy-of-a-copy of Trevor, kinda like that version of Michael Keaton in Multiplicity.

There's Gerry Cooney, the 57-year-old former professional boxer who has no business being on a college basketball team.

There's Tyler Cooney, who, and here's the weird thing…according to police records, Tyler Cooney died three years ago in a mysterious car accident. So if that's true, WHO IS THIS PERSON CALLING HIMSELF TYLER COONEY???

So, maybe you watched Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg discussing college basketball's top backcourt tandems on ESPN. If you watched it online, you might have glanced down at the keywords under the video. And had you done that, you would have seen this...


If you click the name, it shows that this is the only piece of content involving Kevin Cooney. This one.

In the video, they don't discuss a Kevin Cooney from any other school.

In conclusion, ESPN has discovered a fifth Cooney Brother on Syracuse. Kevin Cooney. Welcome, Kevin! Good to have you. Please keep an eye on Tyler...

H/T: C.J.