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Here's A Map Of Where Syracuse Basketball Players Come From


Last week we saw the awesome interactive map that Made's Benn Stancil created to track where college football recruits comes from. I'm guessing they realized they'd done a cool thing too because now they've done the next logical thing. He made a version for college basketball recruits. All 5,300 of them.

And so, let's find out where all these Syracuse Orange that we hold so dear come from...


Delaware's College Team? We're looking at a fairly small sample size, only the current team. However, if you told me the Orange find most of their players in the Tri-State Area, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland…I would believe you.

Now let's look at the ACC as a whole...


That's a whole lot of reliance on North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland. Man, it would be crazy for a school in one of those states to leave the ACC...

Check out the map and see what other interesting nuggets you can find out.