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Mookie Jones Talks Razorsharks, Syracuse Degree & Living The Dream

Mookie Jones is talking. You are listening.

Look, you and I have a deal. That deal is clear and understood. Whenever former Syracuse Orange superstar Mookie Jones is interviewed or makes any kind of public appearance, we will bring that interview or appearance to you.

I give you the latest edition of Razorsharks Weekly with John Ditullio and Razorsharks head coach Lawrence Moten. This week, Razorsharks forward Mookie Jones stops by to talk about what's going on in his life, his college degree situation and what the last year has been like for him.

Some great news from Mookie regarding his education.

"I got admitted back in school two days after it was announced that I made this team and it was a blessing. I'll go back and I'll be a senior, be able to finish and get my degree in Child Family Studies…I'll be the first person in my family to ever graduate from college."

Keep it up, Mook. And if anyone is in the Rochester area, go check out the Razorsharks and keep us posted on the team.