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Syracuse Lacrosse's Solution To Face-Off Problem? Get Rid Of Face-Offs

Syracuse hasn't been very good as face-offs for a few seasons now. So, Syracuse would like to get rid of face-offs.

Drew Hallowell

Face-offs have been a major issue for Syracuse Orange lacrosse over the last couple seasons. The whole situation reached a tipping point in last year's National Championship game when face-offs were basically the reason the Orange lost the game.

Coming into 2014, you would think that head coach John Desko would finally present a solution to end Syracuse's face-off woes. A solution that would once and for all make sure that Syracuse stops falling behind other elite lacrosse teams that seem to be able to win face-offs efficiently.

You would be right. John Desko has a solution.

"F*** it. Let's just get rid of them."

"I'm not the one to bring it up," the Syracuse coach says when asked about his thoughts on faceoffs in men's lacrosse.

"I don't mean it as a knock, but you probably have the team's worst lacrosse player being the most important player on the field, and that's the faceoff guy," Desko said. "Rarely do you see the faceoff guy stay out and play offense. Rarely do you see the faceoff guy stay out there and play defense. So you've got this guy who doesn't play offense or defense who might have the biggest impact on the result of the game."

I hope Desko is also in favor of getting rid of place-kickers in football and relief pitchers in baseball, too.

There's a kernel of truth in what Desko is saying, but, you know, just recruit a really friggin' good face-off guy. You can also try that, you know.