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Syracuse vs. Duke: Boeheimburg Is Fully Operational

Students have begun camping out for the best seats at SU vs. Duke.

We've still got 12 days and two games before the Duke Blue Devils come to town to take on the Syracuse Orange in the Carrier Dome, but leave it to Otto's Army to start the festivities a little early.

Members of the student group have begun camping out for prime seating in what will almost certainly be the biggest on-campus crowd in the nation this season.

"All my friends that I told I was going to be out here for almost two weeks thought I was crazy," said Brad Slavin, the communications officer for Otto's Army and one of the first five to arrive. "But this is the senior memory that I've been waiting for."

Glidden expects about 1,200 students to camp out in "Boeheimburg" to secure the best Duke seats. Dome personnel will permit them to expand to Gate D and Gate F if the numbers swell to uncomfortable proportions. (Glidden said about 5,000 SU students will likely attend the game.)

Temperatures are currently in the low 30's but expected to dip down into the teens and possibly single digits overnight this week. Hope everyone brought some hand warmers. Sounds unsafe and dumb and exactly like the kind of thing I wish we did when I was at SU.

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