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Syracuse Football: Wayne Williams, A.J. Long Among Four Newbies On Campus

Four new faces for the SU football team are officially eligible to start practicing.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Spring practice isn't until March 18 but a couple incoming Syracuse Orange football players are getting a head start on things. Wide receiver Corey Cooper, quarterback A.J. Long, defensive tackle Wayne Williams and tight end Cameron MacPherson are officially Syracuse University students and will participate in practices as well as workouts with the team throughout the semester.

Williams is the most intriguing name on the list since it's taken him so long to get to Syracuse. Originally committing all the way back in May 2012, Williams needed an extra semester as JuCo and put off his enrollment. Oftentimes, these situations have a way of eliminating a guy from ever showing up, so it's to Williams' credit that he worked hard and made it. The 6-foot-5, 330-pounder didn't play football last year, so keep that in mind as he progresses this off-season. He's listed as a junior in the school directory.

Corey Cooper is the much-heralded wide receiver who had a similar story. The three-star WR committed in January 2013 but failed to qualify for the past season. He went to prep school instead and got his grades up in order to make it this year. In the time between, plenty of schools noticed him and tried to poach him but George McDonald kept him in the fold.

Quarterback A.J. Long doesn't expect to spend too much time buried on the depth chart. He committed last March over offers from Arizona, UCLA and Buffalo (snicker…). After graduating a semester early from Friendship Christian School in Tennessee, where he played QB and safety, he seems to have one very clear goal. To be the starting quarterback. Fair enough.

Finally, because we are now required to have a MacPherson at all times, Cameron MacPherson has completed his transfer from Georgetown (gah) where he'll try to make it as a tight end for the Orange. Macky's brother grew up here and played quarterback at CBA.

Welcome, officially, to the fold, gentlemen. Do good things.