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Syracuse Orange Football Award: What Was The Best Moment?

The game-winner versus BC? The game-winner versus Minnesota? #CuseTixForKids?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we asked you to vote on the very best moment of the 2013 season for the Syracuse Orange Football Awards. But before you told us what it was, we asked the TNIAAM crew what they think.


Gotta be Terrel Hunt running it in to the endzone to seal a victory over Minnesota in the Texas Bowl. The moment itself was great for how it cemented Hunt's season-long growth. It also meant we had beaten "mighty" Minnesota, won our third-straight bowl game and done the ACC proud in our own little way.

John C.

#CuseTixForKids - Wins on the field were great, but this was a huge win off the field that made me proud to be a Syracuse fan and to be a part of the TNIAAM community.


#CuseTixForKids - Seeing all of the pictures and everything else from the game of the kids having a great time was tremendous, and really made me proud as a fan. On top of all the good that it did for those who were able to go to the game, it also got Syracuse football into the national discussion, and proved that the program does have a loyal following that wants to support the team in any way that it can.


Terell Hunt's game-winning TD scamper against Minnesota: A bowl trip is one thing, but a bowl victory is quite the opposite. Seriously, at some point SU should start showing up in the top-50 or so in preseason magazines, right? The "experts" formula always seems to be, Did Team X win a bowl? And how many starters are back? The bowl win should carry a little weight in August...maybe?

So on and so forth. So we put it to a vote, including the Boston College game-winner as well since it was the reason we got to the bowl game in the first place.

Something weird happened and the poll was closed the whole time (that's what I get for not checking). Checking the comments, it looks like #CuseTixForKids was the winner. And so it shall be, the greatest moment of the season was hitting the $44,444.44 goal for our campaign. Woohoo!