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Syracuse Basketball: Get To Know All Of The Cooneys

There are a lot of guys named Cooney on Syracuse, apparently. Here's a helpful way to tell them apart.

During the Virginia Tech game, Syracuse Orange fans were surprised to find out that Trevor Cooney's brother, Terry Cooney, was also a member of the squad. It was quite a shock.

So imagine everyone's surprise Monday night when they learned that two more brothers, Gerry and Tyler, were also in uniform. How had Jim Boeheim pulled off this recruiting coup without anyone knowing? And furthermore, how can we tell when it's Trevor, Gerry, Terry or Tyler on the floor at any given moment since Boeheim abhors putting more than one Cooney in at a time?

We'll try to help by differentiating the Cooneys for you below. Hopefully, this helps not only you but future SU basketball announcers who obviously do such detailed, nuanced work preparing for the game.


Name: Trevor Cooney

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Position: Shooting Guard

Facial Hair: Ragged Neckbeard

Favorite FilmsSuperbad/Pineapple Express

Favorite Childhood Memory: Watching Gerry McNamara play for Syracuse.

Catchphrase: "What?"

Motivational Quote: "Grind Now, Shine Later"


Name: Terry Cooney

Hometown: Frampington, DE

Position: Shooting Guard

Facial Hair: "Classy Homeless"

Favorite Films: Half Baked

Favorite Childhood Memory: Eating colored snow.

Catchphrase: "Whazzzaaaaaaup, you know, like those Bud commercials. Remember those? So frickin' funny."

Motivational Quote: "It's like my moms always says. If at first you don't succeed, stop f***ing around and clean up your God damn room already. Jesus, Terry."


Name: Gerry Cooney

Hometown: Huntington, NY

Position: Boxing Guard

Facial Hair: Pornstache

Favorite Films: Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky IV

Favorite Childhood Memory: Winning the Golden Gloves championship

Catchphrase: "No, I'm not Trevor's Dad."

Motivational Quote: "Fight. Or do not. There is no try."


Name: Tyler Cooney

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Position: Whatever He Feels Like

Facial Hair: Fu Manchu

Favorite Films: Faces of Death

Favorite Childhood Memory: Waking up in a pool of blood inside a shipping container and being rescued by a Miami police officer who taught me "The Code," a way to indulge in his evil patterning without being found out.

Catchphrase: "Ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?"

Motivational Quote: "Get the f*** out of my way or I'll slice your stomach open like a cantaloupe."