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SU Football Awards: Rookie of the Year

Today, the votes are in for another Syracuse Orange Football Award (SOFA). The results won't come as much of a surprise to many.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we polled to find out who you thought was the best rookie on the Syracuse football team. And the winner is...

Brisly Estime

With a strong finish to the season, topped off by the 70-yard Texas Bowl punt return, Estime certainly earned this award. The true freshman had 257 receiving yards, fourth on the team. He didn't play a very prominent role until the second half of the season. In the last four games, he averaged a promising 46 receiving yards. He was one of Terrel Hunt's favorite targets, just as he may be for years to come.

As for the results, five of the seven-member TNIAAM poll went with Estime. And he was also your choice -- taking home 69 percent of the fan poll. Here's why:

adselver15 said this:

Gotta go with Estime

This neophyte REALLY blossomed at the end of the season. He should be one of our best receivers next season and I can’t wait to see what he can do in the open field.

Dan Lyons also voted for Estime:

Brisly Estime. I think George Morris II will wind up being a more important player as he becomes a featured weapon, but this year Brisly's play really helped get this offense going. I can't wait to see what we draw up for him next season.

Matt McClusky went with Morris, who came in second.

A redshirt, but regardless, his first year Morris averaged 4.2 yards per carry through the final five games of 2013. That production, along with Tyson-Gulley's coming back, certainly makes for life after Jerome Smith. (Estime's punt return and electrifying abilities made this a tough choice.)

Jared Smith was the other TNIAAM panelist who went a different direction. He chose Terrel Hunt, which sparked a debate over what constitutes a rookie. Devante McFarlane and Ron Thompson each received a few votes and Isaiah Johnson got one write-in vote.

The real winner in all of this is Syracuse football, who as Cepha-Cuse says, has a bright future.

Not even voting here. Unless I can put in one vote for each. They all brought it. Every time I think “Yeah, I’ll vote for this one.” I also get “But wait, what about…?” Really makes me look forward to next year.