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Syracuse Orange Football Awards: Favorite ACC Fan Base

Let's hand out a SOFA to another fan base -- the one we've actually enjoyed spending time with the most.

Stephen Dunn

More "hardware" is getting handed out today. This time, it's the Syracuse Orange Football Award (SOFA) for our favorite ACC fan base of the season. Obviously, our move to a new conference has introduced the Syracuse faithful to a whole new group of folks, and some we've liked more than others. But who did we like the most?


drothgery believes in the SU-BC rivalry, and appreciates the Eagle faithful for believing, too:

Voted BC. I’m fairly certain that’s the only option on the list that actually cares about us even a little, football-wise.

Same goes for MistakebytheLake90, who's thankful to have someone care about us:

Boston College I’m going to vote BC, because they actually feel like a rival. They are so similar to us (minus being good at basketball) that its kinda eerie. They too know what its like to be a small private school in the NE competing against tobacco road. They have a surprisingly large online presence and they are one of the few fanbases who actually think of SU football as a thing, rather than just a stopgap till basketball season. It was actually really cool seeing their anti-su stuff at the beginning of the year, despite not playing against them for almost 10 years. Basically, its cool that we were relevant to someone in football.

Others either weren't sure what I meant "favorite" or just enjoy getting under another fan base's skin, which is where Clemson comes in.


Clemson. Really just because its so fun how much we can get to them.

They also received the second-most votes, with 35 (13 percent).

But the winner, as they were on the field in every game this year, was...

Florida State

The 'Noles received 71 percent of the user vote and all but one of the staff votes. It was almost too easy.

Sean Keeley:

Florida State - They could have been a bunch of arrogant jerks, but instead they're pretty level-headed. Though, I have to admit, that's also because they knew they were gonna destroy us, which makes me want to beat them even more. One day...

Invisible Swordsman:

Florida State. They love football, don't seem to take themselves too seriously, and delight in poking fun at Clemson. What's not to like???


A complete 180. So many were disapproving of our addition and so interested in fleeing for the Big XII, I thought they would be the worst. Quite the opposite, they were for the most part classy and fun to deal with. Several showed up on our game threads when they were not even our opponent. Not for trolling purposes, either. Who else does that?


While they're not our rivals -- don't worry, Boston College, you have a special place for us in football -- Florida State was probably the most supportive and engaged with us during the season. We surprised them with our own football knowledge, and in turn, they surprised us with about a true desire to learn more about the SU football program. As Pinker mentioned, let's see what happens when they don't win a national title. But for now, they've done a nice job placing themselves among our favorite new friends -- so much so we had a thread of over 700 comments cheering them on last Monday night. Congrats again, 'Noles, on yet another "prestigious" award. #goacc