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Good Luck Finding Your Favorite ACC Sponsor In Syracuse

Are you wondering what the hell a Food Lion is and where to find one? Well get ready to take a drive...

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

As the Syracuse Orange begin to entrench themselves in ACC life, we've begun to notice some subtle and not-so-subtle differences. Most notably, the types of advertisers overwhelming us with their messages during ACC broadcasts, especially those on the ACC Network.

Many Syracuse fans have found themselves asking, "Where, exactly, is Bojangles?" and "What in God's name is a Food Lion?" I know I've been wondering as well. Syracuse is already a weird fit geographically for the ACC, but when you look at how far away Syracuse is from the nearest advertiser locations, which mostly happen to be the farthest outposts of said advertiser, you really start to see it.

Here's a sampling based on the most notable ACC sponsors...

Ruby Tuesday - Syracuse, NY (0 miles)

NAPA Auto Parts - Syracuse, NY (0 miles)

Sonic - Chenango, NY (70 miles)

Chick Fil-A - Scranton, PA (130 miles)

Havoline - Dover, NJ (218 miles)

Bojangles - Reading, PA (234 miles)

Food Lion - Claymont, DE (264 miles)

BB&T Bank - Kensington, MD (364 miles)

So if you want to support the ACC and really, really, really like fast food fried chicken, you better fill your car up first.

Despite their solid efforts to reach out to Orange fans, it's clear a lot of these companies would do well to think about expanding north. Just, you know, not on Marshall Street. We're only so supportive...