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Syracuse Orange Football Awards: Best Game

The votes are in and was there ever any doubt which game was the best of the season for the Syracuse Orange?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We asked you which of Syracuse's 13 games was the "best" and you overwhelming responded:

Syracuse 34, Boston College 31.

Syracuse's last-second win at the Dome over the Eagles, a victory that all but ensured a bowl berth and subsequently saved the season, earned 70 percent of the votes. And I feel as though "Dukepettyjohn" summed up the insanity of the last quarter, and the importance of the game, brilliantly:

BC because we answered their Brominski with our own Brominski to win, and Ivan Foy Celebration

Of course, 30 percent of the vote didn't go to the Orange v. Eagles -- as 66 votes came in for the Orange beating the Golden Gophers of Minnesota in the Texas Bowl. A major win with lasting implications, as brian.pilatzke points out:

I chose Minnesota because being the bowl game, on ESPN and on a national stage, it was arguably the most important win. Despite our respective records, I truly believe Syracuse was a better team than the three ACC opponents listed. Minnesota was a program that was on par with our program and we played just well enough to win, making it the "best" win out of these four wins.

Four percent of the vote also went to the win at Maryland and two votes went to the victory in Raleigh at N.C. State.

But ultimately, the winner of Best Game of 2013 goes to the very last game of the regular season: Syracuse survives, 34-31.