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Syracuse Orange Football Awards: Worst Game

This SOFA isn't all that difficult to give out...

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We're giving out another award today! It's not a good one...


A couple days ago, you were asked to name the worst Syracuse football game of the season. There were four choices, but one was incredibly obvious. You did not disappoint in your voting, so let's get down to it. The Syracuse Orange Football Award (SOFA) for the Worst Game of the Season goes to:

Georgia Tech 56, Syracuse 0

Ouch. Just typing that burns. I wrote a bunch of scathing things about this awhile back after watching it for a second time. If you're interested in gifs of tire fires, feel free to venture there. But what did the rest of you have to say about the game?


Georgia Tech, No Question. They aren’t 56 points better than us. They aren’t even 21 points better than us. Absolutely unacceptable preparation by the coaching staff in that game. FSU and Clemson (and the healthy NW team we faced) we just could not match up with considering how shitty our secondary is. Meanwhile our front 7 absolutely was capable of keeping the triple option at bay, they were coached up terribly coming in and then never adjusted for no reason whatsoever.


GT: the best (closest?) seats I've ever had for a football game, the worst result. On the 40 first row, literally could reach out and touch the players. Left after the third quarter and hung my head in shame; not sure if I did that because I left early or because they were soooo bad. Probably a little of both.

Sean Farrell:

The Georgia Tech atrocity may be the worst game I've ever seen. The Clemson and Florida State thrashings were to be expected, but this was an absolute punch in the gut.

Invisible Swordsman:

What happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta

Sean Keeley, you lucky bastard:

The Georgia Tech loss. I was in Hawaii at the time. I didn't watch the game. I've never watched the highlights. I never will.

But I doubt anyone sums it up as well as DukePettyJohn:

Georgia Tech. Fuck the 3-4.

Well put, sir.


Stick around through next week to keep voting and to check out the SOFA results as they roll in!

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